M Kim-Miller - Massage Therapist

M Kim-Miller

Massage Therapist

M Kim-Miller, CMT, MLD-C, stands as a beacon of holistic and transformative care at Rincon Chiropractic, enriching our community with their profound expertise and compassionate approach to healing. Embracing a comprehensive, individualized, and progressive methodology, M’s practice transcends traditional massage therapy, integrating advanced modalities and philosophies to foster wellness and vitality among our diverse patient base.

M excels in a diverse range of massage therapies—Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, sound healing, and manual lymphatic drainage—to offer holistic and customized care for an inclusive clientele.

About Me

Comprehensive Expertise and Certifications

M is a certified massage therapist (CMT) with specialized certifications in manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and sound healing, alongside advanced training in MLD for post-cosmetic surgery care. This eclectic array of qualifications underscores their commitment to offering a broad spectrum of healing services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. M’s practice is distinguished not only by its breadth but also by its depth, with a focus on queer wellness, chronic pain management, athletic performance, and even therapeutic interventions for pets.

Holistic and Integrative Philosophy

At the heart of M’s practice lies a tripartite philosophy that guides their approach to bodywork:

  • Holistic Integration: M combines various systems of massage, movement, and energy work to create a bespoke and impactful healing experience. This integrative approach ensures that every session is attuned to the individual’s physical and energetic needs, promoting optimal wellness.
  • Normalization of Bodywork: They advocate for a paradigm shift in how we perceive and engage with bodywork, championing it as a regular, essential practice for maintaining and enhancing our bodily instruments—through which we experience life.
  • Inclusivity and Safety: M is deeply committed to fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all clients, regardless of their background or identity. This commitment reflects Rincon Chiropractic’s overarching mission to offer comprehensive care that honors the diversity and dignity of every individual.

Diverse Clientele and Customized Care

M’s practice is notable for its inclusivity and adaptability, catering to a wide range of clients, including those within the LGBTQIA+ community, individuals living with chronic pain or illness, professional athletes, and even pets. Their ability to tailor treatments to each client’s specific conditions and wellness goals is a testament to their expertise and dedication to holistic healing.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Wellness

M utilizes an arsenal of techniques, drawing from both ancient wisdom and modern science, to not only alleviate physical discomfort but also to nurture the mind-body-spirit connection. Through their skilled touch and empathetic presence, M facilitates a healing process that encourages the body’s natural regenerative capabilities, aiming for not just recovery but a restored sense of vitality and wellbeing.

An Integral Member of the Rincon Chiropractic Family

M Kim-Miller’s role at Rincon Chiropractic is invaluable. Their unique blend of skills, inclusive philosophy, and dedication to holistic, patient-centered care exemplifies the clinic’s mission to heal and empower. Through their work, M not only enhances the physical and emotional health of their clients but also enriches the collective spirit of our healing community.


M : 2:00p – 7:00p
Tu : 11:00a – 8:00p
Th : 11:00a – 8:00p
Sa : 11:00a – 4:00p

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