Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

What Can Hot Stone Massage Do?

Hot stone massage is a technique that dates back thousands of years, yet has only had a resurgence over the past few decades. Yet, even with it’s long history it has solid science behind hot stone massage. It’s an amazing solution to reduce stress, anxiety, and melt away pain. To their surprise, many of our San Francisco patients find that such a low-tech solution can help them alleviate the stresses of their high-tech world. In 2003 scientists studied one of the largest samples of cancer patients receiving massage therapy. They discovered that, even with patients experiencing high levels of discomfort before their treatment, massage therapy and hot stone massage led to significant reduction in anxiety, pain, nausea, and depression. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management PDF of study.

What Happens During A Hot Stone Massage?

The massage therapist applies heat to stones that ranging in size from a credit card to around the size of your palm. Next, once at comfortable temperature, the therapist strategically places them on the body. Made from basalt, they are extremely efficient at holding in heat. Additionally, they are polished and rounded so as to lie smoothly on the body. The hot stones are easily placed into the valleys and peaks of your back, arms, legs, neck, and even your hands and feet. Also, the weight of the stones in conjunction with the warmth help calm the body and reduce pain. Furthermore, they act like miniature heating pads that target the specific areas where they can be most effective.

Often the massage therapists use hot stones in conjunction with massage techniques. Placed in the palms of the hands the heat from the stones can add further healing benefits to the movement and pressure of massage therapy. The heat from the stones melts through the stress and relaxes the muscles. This, in turn, allows the therapists to provide a deeper and more productive massage without fighting through tense muscles.

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