30 Years of Chiropractic Care: Healing, Growth, and Community

As I sit down to pen this story, it’s hard to believe that nearly three decades have flown by since I embarked on this incredible journey. The story of Rincon Chiropractic is not just my story; it’s a tapestry woven with the threads of the countless lives we’ve touched, the challenges we’ve navigated, and the victories we’ve celebrated together. Reflecting on these years, I’m reminded of the humble beginnings, the profound realizations, and the unwavering commitment to the healing journey that has defined my career and our clinic’s ethos.

The doctors sharing some stories about their journeys into chiropractic care.

My journey into the world of healing and care didn’t start in the classrooms of Palmer College of Chiropractic West, nor did it begin with my hands guiding vertebrae into alignment. It started much earlier, on the sun-drenched pool decks of San Francisco, where I spent my days as a lifeguard and swim instructor. It was there, amidst the laughter of children learning to swim and adults pushing their limits, that I first witnessed the transformative power of exercise. I saw bodies strengthen, confidence bloom, and spirits lift, all from the simple act of moving and challenging oneself. It was a profound lesson in the body’s ability to heal and improve through physical activity.

The idea that the body could heal itself, if given the right support and alignment, resonated deeply with me.

The idea of assisting people in recovering and thriving through targeted exercises and interventions initially drew me to the field of physical therapy. However, life has a funny way of guiding us down paths we never expected to tread. My path took a sharp turn when I encountered chiropractic care, not as a practitioner but as a patient. Wrestling in my youth had left me with injuries that seemed to stubbornly resist the traditional approaches I knew. Chiropractic care was a revelation. It not only alleviated my discomfort but also opened my eyes to a holistic approach to health that aligned perfectly with my budding philosophy. The idea that the body could heal itself, if given the right support and alignment, resonated deeply with me.

Armed with this new passion, I embarked on my chiropractic journey, eager to learn, heal, and eventually teach. My time at Palmer College of Chiropractic West was transformative, equipping me with the knowledge and skills I would need to make a difference. However, it was my experience immediately after graduation that truly shaped the practitioner I would become. I worked with a chiropractor who, while skilled, seemed more focused on the financial aspect of the practice than the well-being of his patients. This experience was disheartening, but it served as a critical juncture in my career. It reinforced my belief that healthcare should never be solely about profit. It should be about people, their stories, their pains, and their journey to wellness.

With this philosophy at heart, I founded Rincon Chiropractic in 1995 in the vibrant heart of San Francisco. It was a modest beginning, with a small but dedicated team who shared my vision of patient-centered care. From the very start, we committed to making our practice a sanctuary of healing and kindness. We believed that healing begins the moment someone reaches out for help and continues through every interaction, every treatment, and every visit.

Over the years, Rincon Chiropractic has grown in ways I could never have imagined. We’ve expanded our team, welcoming incredible practitioners like Dr. Pete Quigley and Dr. Amie Gregory, who bring their expertise and compassion to our patients. We’ve broadened our services to include not just chiropractic adjustments but also massage therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, and exercise therapy, among others. Our approach has always been holistic, focusing on the whole person rather than just the symptoms.

What truly amazes me, though, is the relationships we’ve built. I have patients who have been with me since the beginning, nearly 30 years ago. Their loyalty and trust are the highest compliments, and it’s a testament to the community we’ve built. These aren’t just patients; they’re part of the Rincon Chiropractic family. They’ve shared their lives with us, their triumphs and challenges, and we’ve had the privilege of supporting them through it all.

Reflecting on these years, I’m filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the team that stands beside me, for the patients who have trusted us with their care, and for the journey that has brought us here. Starting as a lifeguard, I could never have predicted where life would lead me. However, a belief in the efficacy of healing and the significance of care has guided every action and choice.

As we look toward the future, our mission remains unchanged. We are here to serve, to heal, and to empower our patients on their journey to wellness. Rincon Chiropractic was founded on the principle of comprehensive, compassionate care, and nearly 30 years later, that principle remains our guiding light. Here’s to many more years of healing, growth, and community. Here’s to the journey ahead.

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