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Tech Neck

Tech Neck Archives

We’ve all been guilty of it. Those tiny glowing screens that fit into our pocket hold the power of limitless information in the palm of our hands. It’s allure is as powerful as it is harmful to our bodies. We stare downward at this flashing, blinking, talking, singing, bleeping object mesmerized. We forget that we’re tilting our head downward. This unconscious act is easy to ignore while our mind is being entertained, but eventually our neglect comes back to haunt us. We end up with a sore tech neck, aching shoulders, and a pain-filled back. We have the tools to fix this, but we have to begin by taking our minds away from the device, and back into the vessel where it actually lives. Our bodies. Only with proper care, proper exercises and movement, and self-awareness can we heal the damage this tech has wrought. The next step is fixing the technology to encourage better behavior in the way we move.

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